The Michael Matters Grant

The Michael Matters Foundation partnered with NorthShore University HealthSystems in 2014 to create a grant to provide financial assistance to brain cancer patients receiving care at the NorthShore University HealthSystem Kellogg Cancer Center, located at Evanston Hospital.  In 2015, we completed a similar partnership with Northwestern Medicine Chicago Proton Center at Central DuPage Hospital, located in Warrenville, Illinois.

Both grants are designed to help patients maintain their quality of life during their treatment. To date, more than $100,000.00 has been donated to these Michael Matters Grants, and more than a dozen families have been positively impacted by these funds.“

There are numerous expenses that are often times overlooked during the treatment process,” said TJ Saye, Founder of the Michael Matters Foundation.  “Most lose their jobs; many have to frequently travel long distances for treatment… and paying for those transportations costs, hotels, food, drink, and childcare… in addition to their treatment costs… is too much to handle. We’d like to provide some level of relief for those suffering, one less worry during an incredibly difficult time.”

Brain cancer patients interested in receiving financial assistance from The Michael Matters Grant can do so by filling out an application available at the NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) Kellogg Cancer Center.  Patients will be able to receive up to $1,500.00 to help cover important expenses.

Grant Recipients