Michael Matters Grants Hope to a Patient In Need

Date of Event: August 19, 2016
Donation Goal For This Project is $1,500
100% Donated/$0 To Go

The Michael Matters Foundation is extremely proud to announce that we have provided another $1,500.00 grant to a brain cancer patient in need.

According to our friends at NorthShore University HealthSystem Kellogg Cancer Center, the patient is in his 60’s with Glioblastoma Multiforme.  He is undergoing radiation and chemotherapy.  Unfortunately, his only source of income is Social Security and he needs assistance with his physical therapy appointments and travel to and from his treatments.

Due to patient privacy regulations, we withhold the name of grant recipients unless otherwise authorized.  We thank our wonderful donors (you) for making such a powerful and wonderful difference in the lives of those suffering from brain cancer. Thank you!