Michael Matters Grants Candice G.

Date of Event: February 11, 2017
Donation Goal For This Project is $2,000
100% Donated/$0 To Go

The Michael Matters Foundation, through its partnership with Northwestern Medicine, Warrenville Cancer Center, has awarded another $2,000 grant. Candice, a 49-year-old wife and mother, was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumor on February 11, 2017. Since her diagnosis, Candice has undergone brain surgery to remove the tumor on her frontal lobe and is receiving radiation and chemotherapy.  As a result of the brain tumor and treatment, Candice suffers from paralysis on the left side of her body and is unable to work. Ava’s husband is also unable to work as he is her full-time caregiver.  Candice and her family will use these funds to help purchase mobility equipment as well as pay for medical bills. We wish Candice and her family the best as they go through this very difficult time.

Please pray for Candice and her family, and know that your support is making a direct difference in her life! #MMF #BTSM