Michael Schostok

 Why “Michael Matters” to me. A message from his wife.


Michael Schostok was my husband and my best friend. He was handsome, smart, and hard working.  He had three incredible children, and a brilliant legal career.  He was a gifted outdoorsman-avid hunter and fisherman-and loved sports (especially the Chicago Blackhawks)! Michael Schostok had it all; yet, he was always humble and had a special way about him that made anyone he met feel as though they were the most important person in the room. That’s how I felt when I met Michael. 

When I first laid eyes on him in a law school classroom, I immediately knew he was the man I was going to marry.  Two-years thereafter, we did just that.

Michael and I were married two months shy of 25-years when he passed away.  We had enjoyed a “Fairy Tale” life together and brought three beautiful children into this world – Marisa, Gina and Mikey.  My husband was a fantastic father to our children, and was always there for them-both emotionally and financially.  He was their rock, their protector, and their biggest fan. Our life together was perfect.

In early April 2011 Michael began experiencing some health issues, namely, he was having difficulty recalling words and remembering past incidents.  On April 11th Michael had an MRI.  He was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma – a cancerous brain tumor, which was inoperable.

Our family would never be the same.  The fear was indescribable!

Over the next 15 months Michael received radiation, chemotherapy, Avastin and many medications to treat the tumor.  Michael and I consulted with several specialists throughout the country in search of a cure for this horrible disease, unfortunately, no cure existed.

Michael lost his battle on July 16, 2012, just 15 months after his diagnosis.

 michael-matters3During those last 15 months of Michael’s life, Michael and I lived life to the fullest.  We enjoyed every waking moment.  We watched the sunrise, the birds feeding outside our kitchen window, and many other of life’s simple pleasures.  We lived life day-to-day, as we all should.

The Michael Matters Foundation was started by Michael’s friends, supporters and family members to help find a cure.  We don’t want ano
ther family to see their loved one lose their battle with this horrific disease.

Our mission is to raise funds to assist the medical professionals in research of Glioblastoma, as well as to assist those who need financial assistance with their treatment.

With your help, the foundation hopes to understand what causes Glioblastomas, and more importantly, how to effectively treat them.  Working together, I believe we will find a cure!